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Ninjabread Man

Ninjabread Man

"Fight your way through Abnormal and Undsafe levels to bring back that sweet taste of home back to Candy Land. Learn mouth dropping Ninja fighting techniques and upgrade your weapons to reduce enemies into a trembling puddle of Raspberry Jam. Fight and destroy pastries, candy and bees.

Ninjabread Man uses the Wii control figuration in a fun and interactive way.Throw Ninja disks to paralyse enemies and then contiue on with Ninjabread Man's ultimate samurai sword. Whatever direction you swing, so will Ninjabread Man.

Every level is jammed with enemies bent on the pursuit of power!

Replay levels in challenge mode. Collecting the hidden, secret objects and racing against the clock to unlock a special feature! You'll be sure to face some unexpected surprises along the way. A great interactive game making all your family, freinds and you! This game will make you jump around with your wii samurai sword and fight all the vicious enemies in your way!"

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Release date:21 Sep 2007
Section:Nintendo Wii Games

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